The Waiting is the Hardest Part

So I’m sure you’re all dying to know how the fight went.

Well …it didn’t.

Friday night, I was coming out of the office holiday party (hosted at a fancy Italian restaurant, where I took one bite of everything that came around and sipped on seltzer while the table wine flowed like…well, wine) with some coworkers. They asked if I wanted to adjourn with them to a bar downtown. “I probably shouldn’t,” I said, “but I’m going that way so I’ll ride down with you.”

These words were barely out of my mouth – as Billy Crystal says in When Harry Met Sally, the words were still hanging in the air in their little cartoon bubble – when my phone rang. It was the venue. The fight was off. Argh. It’s been postponed, though, not cancelled outright. The good news was, I had alternate plans right there in front of me. So I blew off some steam, ended my fight diet with a delicious burger from Paul’s Palace on St. Mark’s and 2nd, and spent my weekend not punching anybody or anything. I hit up a couple more favorite restaurants, got a massage, took in my church’s Christmas pageant, did some baking, and finished up my holiday shopping. I have to say, as much as I love my sport, it was nice to not be all boxing all the time for a couple of days.

My trainer says I can just consider all of my hard work practice for when the fight does happen (hopefully in a month). I’ve done the prep work now, so I know what it entails and next time it’s bound to be less arduous. Plus, now I will go into this fight with an extra month of knowledge and strength and ability that I wouldn’t have had on Saturday. That’s not a bad thing. All the same, I wanted the first fight to be over this weekend. I was more than ready for it. It was time. I’m going to close out 2010 with the same record I had when I started it: 0-0. This is disappointing, but at least I have January to look forward to.

In the meantime, I was right back in the gym this morning, doing pads and strategy drills with my trainer. Apparently all those extra carbs over the weekend have fueled my brain, because I felt my strategic impulses snapping and popping like fireworks. I’d planned to take this week easy, but obviously with a fight yet to prepare for, this isn’t going to happen. Still, I do intend to enjoy this upcoming holiday to the fullest. I hope you all will do the same!

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One Response to The Waiting is the Hardest Part

  1. girlboxing says:

    Sorry your fight didn’t come off as planned, but I’m sure you’ll be that much better prepared when you do finally enter the ring! All the best for the holidays.

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