Major Props Time

One week into Serious Fight Prep mode, I’m 3 pounds away from making weight, sleeping like a rock every night, and basically living in the gym. At this juncture I feel like I need to give some shout-outs to a few people who are making this all happen for me:

1. Boyfriend – In the midst of all this training, Boyfriend has been nothing but supportive. He dutifully got up at 5 right along with me every day last week, made a grocery store run so we’d have all my fight-diet food on hand, and even brought me flowers one night in lieu of an edible treat.

2. Trainer – I know that it’s his job and all, but he’s really gone above and beyond as far as making sure I’m more than ready for this fight. He’s been calling up practically every gym in town looking for sparring as well as working out an incredibly detailed schedule for me letting me know exactly what needs to be done. He’s not letting me give less than 110% at any point, but he’s also patient and encouraging and endlessly positive. None of this would be happening if he wasn’t awesome. I couldn’t ask for more.

3. Friends – For the past week, I haven’t really been able to talk about much else other than my fight, because that’s the only thing going on with me. Everyone is humoring me excellently (even though I’m reasonably sure none of them would give a rat’s ass about boxing if I didn’t do it) and they’re all planning to cheer me on, either in person or remotely.

4. The Most Interesting Man in the World – For all the grousing I did about him when I first worked with him, I have come to appreciate the benefits of having a loyal sparring partner who’ll work with me on a regular basis. He’s also a hell of a nice guy. (And, yes, he is interesting as a human being to the point where he could star in his own Dos Equis commercial.) As my fight approaches, he’s almost as excited as I am, which in turn helps to keep my enthusiasm turned up to 11.

5. You all who are reading this – Sometimes I wonder if there’s really any point to continuing to blog here. I put so much pressure on myself to have every post be this giant magical insightful thing, even though almost nobody reads it, so I sort of self-censor a lot because I fear sounding inane. Then I finally just lay it all out and let you know what’s up and a whole bunch of you come back to say yes, you’re reading and you know where I’m coming from and you’re cheering me on – well, I needed it. Especially now. So thanks.

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One Response to Major Props Time

  1. girlboxing says:

    Hey Pink Pearl,

    It takes a lot of courage to put it all out here, not to mention putting yourself on the line in your upcoming fight. Just remember this from Jack Dempsey: “You know what a champion is? A champion is someone who’s ready when the gong rings – not just before, not just after – but when it rings.” – Jack Dempsey

    Best of luck Champ!

    – Girlboxing

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