Girl on Film

On Saturday, my trainer filmed a round of my padwork with his phone and had me review it later to check my form and look for mistakes.

To any athletes or aspiring athletes – of any stripe – if you aren’t already doing this from time to time, get on that. It’s a revelation.

(No, you don’t get to see it. I did send it to my stepdad, who is a former boxing judge, and I did let my boyfriend watch it, but I don’t think it’s for the consumption of any random curious person.)

My first thought, I’ll admit, wasn’t related to my boxing skill (or lack thereof). It was: who the hell is that person with all the limbs? Is that me? WHERE DID ALL THOSE LIMBS COME FROM? Okay, I know I’m tall, and I know I have long legs, (I’m reminded every time I try to shop for pants) but I don’t think I ever fully realized exactly what percentage of my body is limb until I watched myself landing jabs to the body from a distance of about three feet. It really is like watching a blonde, pasty, female, super-unpolished Paul Williams.

(Incidentally, how excited are you about the upcoming Paul Williams/Sergio Martinez rematch? It would be hard for anybody to be more excited than I am, that’s for sure. I love Williams because he’s a lanky southpaw, but I love Martinez because he’s super-fast with amazing style. I can’t even pick a side to root for!)

And then, after I got over the initial shock of equating that goofy-looking Fantastic Four reject with the person I see in the mirror every day, watching video of myself was incredibly instructive. A few mistakes were things I’d been told I was doing incorrectly, even sort of got that I was doing them incorrectly, but until I saw them in action I didn’t have a clear picture of how to correct them. I learned more watching that two minutes of fuzzy footage than I have in some entire hours of bag drills.

I also learned what I’m doing right. Which is actually a whole lot more than I suspected possible when I took this up. I mean, don’t call the Olympic team or anything, but it’s apparent that I’ve worked hard and learned a lot over the course of this past year. It’s nice to have any reminder that it’s all paying off.

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2 Responses to Girl on Film

  1. erica057 says:

    Sorry but it would be a travesty if Williams wins that fight 😛 Given his ridiculous demand to have the fight FOR THE MIDDLEWEIGHT BELT at a catch weight. Come on now!! Martinez wants the fight badly enough to accept it, I respect that.

    I have a lot of love for Martinez because he didn’t start boxing til age 20. He’s not as rangy as the Punisher but he has a freakish 76″ reach on a 5’10 frame. I thought he won the first fight by a slim margin; I don’t think he was *robbed*, it was just close, but I did think that Benoist’s score of 110-119 was patently absurd. He decimated the 6’2 Pavlik and his only other loss besides the Williams fight was to Margacheato which is of course questionable. It’s anybody’s game!!!

    • Pink Pearl says:

      I don’t know that I’d call the Pavlik fight a decimation – there were points, especially mid-fight, where I had no idea who was going to win. It wasn’t quite as close as Williams-Martinez I (which I caught on a rerun some time later), but it wasn’t until the last two rounds that the fight was definitely Sergio’s. (But I’ll admit that I didn’t know either fighter very well at the time that I saw the fight, so maybe I’d have had a bit more faith that he’d rally if I had seen Martinez at all before that.)

      I think the Pavlik fight might have been the thing that pushed me over the edge from “this is a really good workout” to “I want to actually do that.” I’d DVRed it, and I kept backing up little bits and rewatching them a few times to see how they worked.

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