Pink Boxing Accessories Are Having the Best Week Ever

I watched so much boxing over the weekend, it’s not even funny. While I unpacked things in the living room, I finally had time to start cleaning off the DVR, and I caught three really amazing fights from the 2010 NY women’s Golden Gloves. I need to be watching more amateur boxing, and watching women being awesome at it is especially good at lighting a fire under me.

Also, Friday night, there was the Chris Arreola fight on ESPN2, and then on HBO on Saturday night, Jean Pascal upset Chad Dawson to retain his light heavyweight title. Pascal/Dawson was an exciting, if often perplexing fight. I was fairly certain it was Pascal’s fight for most of the duration, but Dawson’s energy level was kind of all over the map and occasionally he’d rally in a big way.

But please excuse my moment of being a girl. Did you click through to the article? Did you see the photo? DID YOU SEE JEAN PASCAL’S TRUNKS AND GLOVES??????

Sure, the announcers called them “fuchsia,” but I of all people know pink when I see it. I think I would have been rooting for him anyway, but as soon as I saw the trunks I knew I’d have to. Loved the gloves, too.

And Pascal’s weren’t the only pink trunks I saw all weekend. Marvin Cordova, Jr. also sported pink trim on his trunks (and pink glittery trim at that!) when he fought in the co-featured bout on Friday night. Though pink did not emerge victorious against Josesito Lopez, it was a very fun, very dynamic fight to watch (up until that below-the-belt hit, that is) and the consensus seems to be that we have not seen the last of Cordova by a long shot. (Personally, I thought the Cordova/Lopez fight was much more exciting than the main event – the Arreola fight was kind of boring, actually.)

Now, as much as I’ve got pink gear all over my site (and my person), it’s not actually a color I wear very much out in the world (and I’ve talked about this before). It just became something I started doing for reasons both practical and political. As I’ve said, I don’t like that pink is an exclusively female color when the notion of femininity is still equated with weakness in so many people’s minds, so I want to be both strong AND wearing pink.

I especially love when male boxers wear pink because it says that they aren’t going to participate in the marginalization of a color as representing weakness, either. If other people see the pink trunks and think that means the wearer is weak (or feminine and by extension weak), these guys couldn’t care less. Actions speak louder than words, after all. Let’s see how weak you think pink is after the fight. It’s a great and fearless statement. I can’t not root for a fighter who’s wearing pink.

And although it was an especially good weekend for pink gear in pro boxing, Cordova and Pascal are not the first male fighters to sport pink – not by a long shot. If it’s awesome enough for Floyd Mayweather, it is awesome enough for pretty much anybody, I think.

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